Platinum Sponsors

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota -- https://www.bcbsnd.com/

Brady Martz -- http://www.bradymartz.com/

CPSI -- www.cpsi.com 

Credit Bureau of Bismarck -- http://cbbismarck.com/

Collection Center Inc. -- www.collectioncenterinc.com 

Eide Bailly -- http://www.eidebailly.com/

Experian Health -- http://www.experianhealth.com

Rycan Technologies-- http://www.rycan.com/ 

Sanford Health Plan -- https://www.sanfordhealthplan.org/ 

Xtend Healthcare -- http://www.xtendhealthcare.net/


Gold Sponsors

Credit Collections Bureau

HSI Solutions

Independent Healthcare Consultants


Silver Sponsors

Credit Associates

HCIS - Vaaler Insurance

Presort Plus

Each sponsor provides our chapter with a financial contribution to help fund and enhance the quality of the educational programs for our members. With this funding, our chapter manages the program expenses and maintains the membership registration fees for educational programs at a reasonable cost. During the year, each sponsor is recognized in a variety of ways, including program announcements, sponsorship boards at meeting activities, chapter newsletters, social events and in the membership directory.

For others who may be interested in participating in the future, please contact Tom Kloster, Sponsorship Committee Chair, (701) 220-6869.

Last updated:  February, 2017